Sunday, 14 October 2012

Gott Thermos - A Perfect Gift For Any Occasion

My grandfather recently gave me a vintage Gott thermos when we visited him for his 71st birthday. It was one of those stainless steel vacuum thermoses that still look shiny and new in spite of its supposed age (I don't know the exact age of the aforementioned Gott thermos, but I was told that my grandfather used to take it on fishing trips a few decades ago). Apparently, the bullet-like thermos is virtually non-existent today, as production has already stopped, making it rare and special outside of sentimental purposes. A simple Google search later confirmed its rarity, as hits for the pharase "Gott thermos" have very few hits pertaining to actual Gottbrand thermoses being sold, with majority of the results relating more to spare parts being sold, and random forum threads about old Gott thermoses, some specifically stating that the brand itself is very rare these days.
My grandfather told me that the thermos works really well, and stated that every GOTT thermos is expected to keep beverages hot or cold for as long as 48 hours. It was a little hard to believe considering that most modern thermos products can only keep temperature consistent in 4 hours at the most, with succeeding hours resulting in a steady drop or increase in overall temperature. I thought if Gott's thermoses were really this good, how come they're not very popular today, and why have they faded into obscurity?
The thermos looks very much like a bullet, with its rounded lock down lid, its uniform stainless steel look, the lack of handle and its somewhat thin and tall disposition (it still fits inside my briefcase, though). The Gott logo is etched in the upper part of the body, a few millimeters below the lid. The body has a few dents and scratches on the underside, probably a result of being put down on rough surface areas or due to being dropped. With its age, I'm not surprised and would have expected more damage.
My initial reaction after finding out about the Gott thermos' rarity, and the fact that it still works, was to sell it on ebay. I was expecting to at least get a couple of hundred bucks when a collector or just someone who really likes Gott products picks it up. I figured with the amount I was bound to make, I could buy ten newer thermoses and still have enough left over for coffee.
I changed my mind while I was in the process of taking pictures for the online auction. I don't want to get sappy or morbid or both at the same time, but seventy one years is really old for a person these days, and I have a feeling that visit with my grandfather will be rare as Gott thermoses as the years go by, and as melodramatic as it may seem, there will come a time when there will be no one left to visit. When that time comes I don't want a part of my grandfathers legacy to be lost to some random collector on the internet. I guess the reason why my grandfather chose to buy a Gott thermos was due to its long lifespan, knowing that he can leave something to us that will last as long as the memories that he will leave behind.
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